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Musical Folk

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this unique Scottish folk band. An inspirational sound, Shianfolk came into fruition when Steve, Joss, Amy, and Julia collaborated with their love of Scottish folk music. Shianfolk has earned their reputation as talented professional musicians and skillful performers. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, Shianfolk continues to touch audiences with their unique sound and enjoyable musical style. They sing many well known folk songs, involving intricate harmonies, which is Shianfolk's trademark and in their own wonderful style. All Shianfolk band members are multi instrumentalists.

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'SHIANFOLK, founded by the talented Joss Cameron who is a fine singer, and with the great Jeannie Robertson as her great aunt, she is steeped in the tradition. Other members of the group are Amy Dudley, Steve Tyler and Julia Dignan, who are all fine musicians. Shianfolk would go down well in any folk club in Scotland.'


'Shianfolk and their close harmonies were breathtaking.'        The National


Shianfolk are Amy Dudley, Joss Cameron, Julia Dignan and Steve Tyler. They are a very traditional band whose interpretations of songs are sometimes... surprising! The first song they sang was a classic example. Essentially it was 'Jock O Hazeldean', but... not quite! Joss and Amy are actually currently studying traditional music and this can bring an added dimension to the music. This time they found an old version of Walter Scott's poem - the same story but with different words and tune. It really was pleasantly refreshing to have this different perspective, and it proved to be a great start to a great evening of song!

Joss is very much the lead singer and has a beautiful, full, fruity voice which she uses very well. She comes from a long line of trad singers, including Jeannie Robertson... enough said, I feel! She certainly proves that the line runs true. She is also a skilled fiddle player and thoroughly treated us to this skill throughout the evening.

Amy is the multi-instrumentalist of the band. She sang in a great soprano voice, played the piano, the harp and the shruti box (which is an instrument I love). It enhances the tone of any performance with that gorgeous drone! Julia is a master fiddler and seems to be able to turn her hand to anything. She is often the fiddler of choice for many musicians who need a fiddle. She is also a tremendous backing vocalist. Rounding it all out is Steve, who's a guitarist who brought it all together - he gave a nice cohesive feel to all the music. Nothing too flashy, you understand but skilled all the same and exactlywhat the music needed. And knowing that is a rare gift indeed.

The music ranged from 'Sally Free And Easy' by Cyril Tawney, 'Saucy Sailor' by Steeleye Span, 'The Shian Road' by Ian McCalman (from which the band took its name), to very trad songs by Robert Burns, 'Ye Banks ans Braes' as an instrumental by Steve and Julia, which was fantastic,and 'The Blackbird'. Other trad songs included 'Hills of Ardmorn', 'What a Voice', 'Ca' The Ewes' and so many more.

We ended with the very challenging audience participation song 'Mary Mack'. An excellent finish to a truly excellent night, and you may be sure - we have not seen the last of them!




Amanda Baker, Author and Poet.

 Shianfolk were even better than I imagined they would be, and I will be standing in line to buy Shian's new album as soon as its out.


Shianfolk band were an amazing, wonderful and fun act to watch. The musicians were delightful, knowledgeable and their intricate harmonies were like a delight to the senses.

Chris McLean


Spike Munro, Actor and Poet.

Shianfolk are a delightful band specialising in contemporary Scottish ballads, and beautiful soulful tunes. Joss delivers every song with such style and panache, and has built up a following on the Edinburgh folk scene and with The Heretics where she has performed countless times. Joss will mesmerise you with that voice and the most enchanting smile, and Amy, Steve and Julia are a delight to listen to and watch perform.  Shianfolk is not to be missed.


Absolutely gorgeous singing and delicate playing!

Hidden Gems


Robert Burns

  • Green Grow The Rashes​

  • Ye Jacobites By Name

  • Red Red Rose

  • Auld Lang Syne

  • Ca' The Yowes

  • Silver Tassie

  • Diels Awa' With Exciseman

  • Rigs O' Rye

  • John Anderson

  • Collier Laddie

  • Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie

  • Hey Ca Thru

  • Leezie Lyndsay

  • Now Westlin' Winds

  • Ae Fond Kiss


  • John O Hazelgreen

  • Shian Road

  • Hills Of Ardmorn

  • Sally Free And Easy

  • Saucy Sailor

  • Wild Mountain Thyme

  • The Terror Time

  • The Blackbird/What a Voice

  • Both Sides The Tweed

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